Antonio López Roa



Law Degree from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1973), he has been providing legal services for more than 30 years at the Bar Associations of Madrid, Barcelona, Murcia and Las Palmas.


He acted as Substitute Judge at the District Court of Madrid from 1982 to 1984; has been Legal Advisor for Obras y Construcciones Industriales, S.A., OCISA, and INFINORRSA, Gestión Inmobiliaria y Financiera, S.A. He has been President and continues to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Family Studies (IDEFA) and a member of the International Federation for Family Development in Spain.

He has also lectured in a considerable number of Congresses on family matters and has several publications on Family Law. He acts as Family Counsel at the Universidad de Navarra and participates as such in several courses at the IESE.

In SPYN Advisors, he heads the Division on Procedural Law and Litigati