Legal Counsel

Integral Legal Counsel has been the focus of this firm since it was founded. Our services include a wide array of legal sectors allowing this firm a global vision of all aspects relevant to any particular business endeavor, without compromising the specialization necessary to address an increasingly complex legal and business arena.

SPYN Advisors focuses its legal services in the following areas: Corporate Law, Litigation and Arbitration, Insolvency Law, Media and Intellectual Property Law, Real Estate and Urban Development, Tax Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Antitrust, Sports Law, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Law, Leisure and Tourism Development.

Corporate Law

The Legal Department´s strongest focus lies in Corporate Law as it is an area in which the majority of the firm members have specialized in. The activities of the corporate law department encompass from general company law to commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, including any corporate matters related to the financial markets, competition law, and foreign investment rules.

With a strong background in M&A of companies in a variety of fields and interests, SPYN Advisors has extensive experience in all the legal aspects and details necessary to ensure a successful business venture.

Litigation and Arbitration

SPYN Advisors has a team of fully qualified lawyers in litigation, who defend our clients’ interests in any kind of proceedings before the courts of the different jurisdictions, and before the Constitutional Courts, also including the petition and defense of interim measures, as well as the possible mandatory enforcement of court’s decisions.

The firm is fully qualified to participate in arbitration proceedings in Spain and abroad both in trade and in investment related matters.

Insolvency Proceedings and Receivership

A number of members of SPYN Advisors have participated in insolvency proceedings as court appointed Insolvency Receivership, as well as when representing firm clients as creditors or debtors in different proceedings. The aim is always to make the process as painless as possible, ensuring that the interests of the parties involved are well protected.

Media and Intellectual Property

Our Firm provides legal advice to programmers, producers as well as national and foreign cable, television, and radio operators, in connection with all matters related to their activities such as administrative requirements to start operations, participation in public tenders, intellectual property rights, and publicity and contents control in accordance with the Spanish and EU legal frameworks, as well in the legal aspects concerning the production of audiovisual works and recordings.

SPYN Advisors IP Department encompasses both the substantive and the procedural aspects of the Intellectual and Industrial Property. In particular, the Firm has extensive experience in matters concerning the protection of authors as well as of other holders of intellectual property and image rights. Our advice comprises intellectual property contracts and transfers of rights, the protection of software, advertising, image rights, merchandising, product placement, and cinematographic, audiovisual, and phonographic production. Likewise, the Firm has expertise in the registration and protection of industrial creations, and the company’s distinctive elements, namely, those related to new technologies such as patents and trademarks, domain names, technology transfer agreements, etc.

Real Estate & Urban Development Law

The Firm carries out legal advisory services in Real State Law covering activities such as construction, real estate contracts, building status, property in condominium, public and private housing projects, offering its clients a comprehensive service in this area.

On the other hand, the Firm also provides highly specialized services in all issues related to Planning Law, such as town planning and, namely, the drafting of planning instruments, advising during all phases of the process, up to the approval of those legal instruments and assisting on the opposition proceedings.

Fiscal and Tax Law

SPYN Advisors focuses its attention on the analysis of the tax regulation of legal and economics transactions. Said analysis comprises anything from the rules and general principles in force in tax matters, to the evaluation of the preferential taxation treatments, international double taxation treaties, taxation system applicable, and an optimal geographic location of the business, in order to achieve the most favorable national or international tax planning for each business or specific situation.

So as to provide the best service in these matters, we include Auditors and Accountant Specialists in our team as well as business professionals in a variety of fields.

Labor & Social Security Law

SPYN Advisors deals with the individual aspects of the labor relationship, legal audit of employment contracts and conditions, hiring and dismissing employees, and special employment relations.

We also provide legal advice on collective labor law, including restructurings and reorganization of companies and businesses (splits, mergers and acquisitions), redundancy, and collective bargaining negotiations. Moreover, we assist in labor proceedings, whether individual or collective, as well as in strike or lockout proceedings.

Economic regulation & Antitrust Law

In this area, our lawyers deal with collusive practices, dominant positions, concentrations, state aids and grants control, unfair competition, administrative penalties, reports and legal opinions, legal assistance and defense of the clients interests in proceedings before the Spanish competition authorities, legal assistance in the proceedings before the European institutions, the First Instance Court and Court of Justice of the European Communities, as well as the relations with the national public administrations and the European institutions.

Financing and private management of public works, Infrastructures and Public Services

SPYN Advisors supplies legal assistance to the contracting enterprises and concessionaires in their relations with Public Bodies in the financial operations and private management of public projects. We seek to ensure the interests of the client are fully protected at each stage of the procurement process.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Law

This area covers the activity of the sector and the pharmaceutical profession and, in particular, those matters related to the opening, transmission, transfer of property, encumbrances, and closing of pharmaceutical business offices. Our services also include the defense before administrative and jurisdictional proceedings.

SPYN Advisors advises Public bodies and private firms on issues regarding Biotechnology Law, with multiple uses to the pharmaceutical, food and agriculture and environmental sectors.

Leisure and Tourism Development Law

SPYN Advisors provides counsel and specialized advice, not only to firms or intermediate tourism operators and travel agencies, but also hotels, boarding houses, inns, Paradores (publicly owned hotels) and any other kind of tourist businesses. It offers a wide range of services such as administrative and public control on tourism; certificates rating tourist establishments; administrative permits and licenses status; negotiations and civil, commercial and administrative contracts; board and lodging contracts; purchase contracts; lease contracts; works contracts and whatever real estate and urban planning advice and consultancy may be required.

Nobility Law

In this area, we offer legal services to sports federations, sports clubs and associations or public limited sports companies. Those services encompass various aspects, this is to say, the relations with the Sport Administration, professional sport or the labor relation of professional sportspersons, the signing, transfer of professional sportspersons, contract termination, or the operation of the sports business.

Sports Law

In this area, we offer legal services to sports federations, sports clubs and associations or public limited sports companies. Those services encompass various aspects, this is to say, the relations with the Sport Administration, professional sport or the labor relation of professional sportspersons, the signing, transfer of professional sportspersons, contract termination, or the operation of the sports business.

Renewable Energy Law

SPYN Advisors provides personalized legal advice in the implementation of projects of electricity production based on renewable energy sources (wind, solar, biomass, etc.).

Our services seek to answer the legal needs arisen from all stages of development of these projects (promotion, financing, construction, exploitation) and more specifically, the following matters: Draft and review of contracts, access and wireless interconnection to transport and distribution networks, proceeding of administrative authorization and permits, land expropriations, registration of rights in Land Registry, Concerning the, regulatory aspects: it is remarkable our regulation analysis at all levels national, regional, local and European Union, which permits us to preparing legal opinions on its implications in the business performance; presentation, before the competent administrations, of reports and proposals of interest to the company, etc.:, urban and environmental aspects related to renewable energies, tax implications of projects based on renewable energies, appeals to executive authority and litigious, enquiries draft and conflict formulation before the Energy National Commission and competent authorities, legal audits for project finance and required proceeding performance before the Systems Operator and Market Operator in order to sell electricity in the production market.