Business Consulting

SPYN Business Advisors aids investors and corporate clients in the creation, development, purchase and expansion of business mainly in the following industries: Entrepreneurial, Media, Real Estate, Sports, Leisure and Tourism as well as traditional Industry. We advise our clients in the following geographies: Spain, UK, United States, Latin America, and the Middle East.


At SPYN Advisors we focus our assistance to clients in their entrepreneurship needs through three distinct, yet complementary areas of operation: Legal counseling, Business Consulting and Entrepreneurship Guidance. Specific activities include the identification of new projects (Startups) and support in its natural evolution. In each endeavor we analyze the entrepreneur and project separately, its conception and viability. We guide the entrepreneur with formation, mentoring, identifying and obtaining sources of financing both through investment and debt, and in the definition of the best internal and external communication and strategy to launch and sustain each project.


Firm offers financing services with Equity Crowdfunding for investment projects and start-ups



SPYN Advisors aids clients in establishing or purchasing Education related businesses in Spain and abroad, as well as expanding their operations in new regions.

Finance and Investment Management

This department includes strategic and financial counseling as well as analysis and advice in restructures, mergers and acquisitions. SPYN Advisors aids companies in obtaining independent finance sources as well as aiding investors in identifying short and mid-term opportunities. Regarding Real Estate, SPYN Advisors promotes Investment in singular assets that, due to their special circumstances, are particularly interesting to the client.

Sports Management and Leisure

SPYN Advisors has extensive expertise in these three economic activities. In Sports and Leisure, the firm offers global counsel to athletes, teams and sports clubs. We aid our clients in managing resources and assets, in obtaining government and EU grants, endorsement opportunities and in participating and obtaining European funds and projects.

Tourism Development

Professional services firm specializing in value added in the hotel sector, serving mainly the needs of owners, investors and operators. With over 20 years' experience within the sector. Services offered include:

  1. Operator search and negotiation of lease and management contracts for hotels.
  2. Asset management: operational management overview in hotel assets managed by hotel chains, taking control of operations in hotels and opening and starting activities of new hotels.
  3. Corporate/Strategic asset management: brand/rebrand, location and business model, capex, benchmark, asset value, focus specialized sells, etc.
  4. Management of development, construction and remodeling investments in hotel assets.
  5. Advice in the structuring of investment transactions in the hotel sector.
  6. Viability plans for debt refinancing of hotels and financial modeling for new hotels & resorts projects.


The firm has vast experience in the development of coproduction contracts, particularly international coproduction schemes involving multinational investment, presales, and agreements with television and film distribution enterprises. SPYN Advisors further offers the client the best ways to address legal matters to harness and make full use of tax breaks and advantages offered by the legal system for investments in cinematography. SPYN Advisors aids the client in the best way to prepare international investment proposals for film and television, analyzing financial parameters, legal aspects as well as presenting and obtaining investment.

Middle East Desk

SPYN Advisors aids European Companies in building bridges toward establishing business in the Middle East. Our in depth knowledge of local customs and idiosyncrasies aids the client in determining the best way to develop the business and access the Middle Eastern market. Our extensive contact network of in various countries in the area, play a key role in defining the best business strategy.

Family Enterprises

Carlos Arbesú, Senior Advisor of SPYN Advisors, in an international expert in family enterprise. He has worked with more than 50 family enterprises in Europe and Latam, helping to develope long-term strategies and their family protocols. He also participates as an external and independent director of various family council and management board. With SPYN develops Working Group of family oriented enterprises to improve their governance and strategy.